Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sonderkommando Revolt - game teaser

Sonderkommando Revolt - game teaser

SonderKommando Revolt is about real WWII revolt againt the Nazis in the famous Auschwitz extrermination camp.

The mod is made very realistic, moody, challenging and detailed. Graphically it'll feature many themes including Crematoriums, Block 11, Gas Chambers, execution, interrogation and torture areas...

The engine is based on Wolf4SDL engine, and will feature very advanced coding features, to make it one of the more advanced coding-wise wolf3d mod todate.

Team Raycast made this game mod, Headshot did the video teaser.. the logo animation at the beginning, and the title animation at the end of the video... and of course the recording of the game and editing the video as well...

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