Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Merdeka Cat Show @ Mid Valley @ 29th - 31st August 2009

The 'Kelab Kucing Malaysia' has organized this Merdeka Cat Show in conjuction with 52nd Merdeka Celebration, with the help of venue sponsors - EG Event Exhibition Guide Group, and other pet foods companies like ProDiet, cat accessories that is Katty and even the MAS Kargo company that promotes their Pet Hotel.

It is actually also for charity purposes, as the money collected is to be donated to the recent Taiwan calamity.

Being a very, very cat person, the natives of Headshot was obviously there for the event videography, while witnessed a lot of cats being on display... we only saw a few many type breeds of cats such as the fur-less sphinxs, and also some very normal breed but huge cats, such as the garfield type.

The first 2 days however doesn't have any happenings beside only cats on display, so the natives were told to come and videography the event on the 31st itself which have the cat pedigree judging, cat shows, and simple question and answer gaming sessions.

Stipid cat~!

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